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spot prawn sashimi - $98

scallops, avocado, salsa verde (2 pcs)

samoan ceviche - $138

seasonal fresh cut, samoan marinade™, red onions, cucumbers, scallions, mint, shiso leaf,

tomatoes, cilantro, chilli

beef tartare - $158
american tenderloin, water chestnut, shiso leaf, capers

poke bowl - $108
seasonal fresh cut, avocado, quinoa, radish, edamame, japanese red ginger


char siu tacos - $98

pork shoulder, homemade char siu sauce, salsa verde (2 pcs)


diced cajun chicken bowl with tortilla chips - $128

corn, tomato, shiso leaf, onion, avocado
+1/2 avocado $25

grandma's spring rolls - $88

tofu, snow peas, carrots, miso, mixed mushrooms, korean vermicelli

sweet potato chips - $88
homemade romesco sauce & garlic aioli

H.F.C fried chicken - $128

red fermented bean curd marinade, cucumber yoghurt salad,

homemade chilli sambal

mac daddy n' cheese - $78

homemade triple-cheese sauce, breadcrumbs, garlic, thyme,

grated parmesan, parsley

From Sea 

mussels pot - $158

sakura shrimp, onion, garlic, butter, yuzu kosho, sake, served with sourdough

fish of the day - $148
pan-fied fillet, little neck clams, potato, pear, kombu and white wine

grilled octopus - $158
homemade chimichurri sauce, sauteed green beans

soft shell crab toast - $158

spiced soft shell crab, avocado spread, crab roe, olive oil, touch of chilli powder

From Garden

oven-baked cauliflower - $58
curry, almonds, mixed herbs, chives, yoghurt

tofu salad - $78

vermicelli, shredded mushrooms, carrots, chinese spiced tofu, fried wonton skin,

shiso leaf, homemade sesame dressing

baby spinach & beetroot salad - $88

feta cheese, red onion, cherry tomatoes, radish, nuts, honey & mustard dressing

sautéed baby bok choy - $58

garlic, fried shallots

holy 'shrooms - $58
seasonal japanese mushrooms, butter

halloumi salad - $98

grapefruit, orange, radish, fennel, white wine cardamom vinaigrette, pine nuts

From Land

slow cooked pork ribs* - $198
homemade special rub, butter corn, coleslaw

grilled tenderloin 8oz* - $288
cooked at medium rare, fresh garlic, rosemary

steamed / fried gyoza - $118

pork, cabbage,  spring onion, chives, vinegar, kimchi

grilled half local chicken* - $178
shaoxing wine, chinese herbs, asian greens, beef jus reduction

*up to 35mins cooking time

After Dinner

sundae mass - $98
banana cinnamon spring roll, neapolitan ice cream, chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinklers

neapolitan ice cream (by scoop) - $28


turmeric rice - $28

1/2 avocado - $25 

bread - $30

t-shirt (black or white) - $180

long tee (black or white) - $200

holy plate - $180